Non-Warranty Support

At AdvantIDge we care about the success of your ID badge printing operation, and providing excellent customer service and support is important to us! Below outlines the various warranty coverage and support options available to AdvantIDge customers who have products that are no longer covered by the manufacturer warranty.


AdvantIDge will provide domestic toll-free phone and email support during the life of ID card printing products which have been purchased from AdvantIDge. Though we do guarantee a basic level of support on all of the products we sell, AdvantIDge also offers a variety of additional support plans with expedited response times, as well as other benefits.

If AdvantIDge technical support cannot diagnose a badge printer’s problem over the phone, AdvantIDge may offer the customer a Repair Quote and the product can be sent to AdvantIDge for service. No printers or any other item purchased from AdvantIDge will be accepted by AdvantIDge for return or service without having a repair quote issued for that product by AdvantIDge.


AdvantIDge typically offers an all-inclusive, one-time Desk Fee (one time service) to cover non-warranty repairs. This includes diagnosis of the original problem with the product, thorough testing and inspection to reveal any other potential problems and defects, as well as a thorough post repair cleaning and calibration of the unit to manufacturer specifications in order to ensure quality of repair. It also includes limited coverage for incidental parts and supplies required to conduct those services. Any parts or supplies deemed to be excluded at the sole discretion of AdvantIDge are the customer’s responsibility and must be approved prior to installation. The fee for current model badge makers is $295.00. Discontinued models are $395.00. Please contact one of our dedicated account representatives for further details at 800-965-5932 to request a repair quote.

ID Card Printer Rental

In the instance that a customer’s unit does not include a loaner ID card printer as part of their manufacturer warranty coverage, or said coverage has expired, AdvantIDge does have an ID card printer rental service available for eligible clients with an active support plan. ID card printers may be rented at a daily fee beginning on the day the customer receives the unit and ending the day that the printer arrives back at AdvantIDge. Various models are available, though AdvantIDge does not guarantee an exact make or model match for the ID card printer being serviced. Printers will be provided with power cord, USB cable and ribbon tested and pre-installed, with the expectation that all original parts and unused supplies will be returned with the unit.

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